Demir Bank offers loans for different purposes with the good interest rates and convenient repayment schedule!

General conditions on loans:

  • Borrower should have an account with the Demir Bank;
  • Monthly payment (principal amount and interests) should not exceed, as a rule, 40-50% of monthly salary of the borrower after deduction of taxes;
  • Period of work of the borrower, his/her creditworthiness, credit term, purpose, availability of collateral (guarantee, pledge) and etc. are taking into consideration by the Bank while loan review;
  • Borrower has the right to offer movable/immovable property as the collateral, which was purchased earlier by him/her or his/her relatives, friends, if they are pledge givers;
  • Insurance should be made only in approved and authorized by the Bank insurance company/ies;
  • At providing with property to be purchased (cars or flats/houses) as the collateral, the Bank offers concluding of tripartite Loan agreement between a seller, the Bank and buyer (idem will be borrower), according to which the Bank will guarantee payment top the seller after registration of a house/flat/car for buyer (borrower) and pledging the property to the bank, i.e. registration on Notary office, State register/ State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate and Central Pledge Office;
  • Repayment of principal amount and interests - on monthly basis.

Main documents necessary for loan application consideration by the Bank *

Documents to be presented to the bank by borrower/guarantor

  • Passport with registration.
  • Certificate on salary with indicating of net monthly income without taxes for the period of the last 12 months, as well as confirmation of income from Social Fund.
  • In case of necessity - another documents, confirming ownership of property and documents, confirming purpose of loan usage.

Documents to be presented to the bank pledge giver

  • Passport with registration
  • Ownership for pledge (original of technical passport, original of sale and purchase agreement and etc.)

       * In case of loan approval the borrower should provide to the Bank additional documents.

Download Standard loan interest rates: (valid as of 22.02.2017) - PDF