DemirBank offers loans for working capital intended for financing cyclical production processes, obtaining seasonal and trade discounts for large volumes of purchases, as well as for replenishing working capital for up to 2 years.

Forms of submission:
  • one-time loan - a classic form of lending with a payment schedule;
  • revolving credit line - loans with the possibility of repeated use and repayment of several tranches within the established terms and limits;
  • overdraft - money withdrawal, conversion, payments in excess of the amount available on the current account within the credit limit, debt repayment is automated, occurs when funds are credited to the current account.


    For Legal Entities and Private Entrepreneurs from 100 000 KGS  
    from 2 000 USD 
    % rate for loans in KGS         frоm 16% per annum*
    *Effective interest rate from 17,2%
    % rate for loans in USD         from 10% per annum*
    *Effective interest rate from 10,5%
    For Corporate customers up to 450 000 000 KGS  
    up to 6 500 000 USD 
    % rate for loans in KGS         frоm 16% per annum*
    *Effective interest rate from 17,2%
    % rate for loans in USD         from 10% per annum*
    *Effective interest rate from 10,5%
    Note: For a more accurate calculation of the effective interest rate, contact a bank specialist.
    Term from 3 to 24 months
    Repayment conditions - annuity- principal amount and interest -  monthly by equal parts 
    - flexible schedule for principal amount depending on business
    Collateral - real estate
    - movable property (vehicles, equipment, goods in turnover, personal property )

    If you have questions you can refer to specialists at the DemirBank Contact-center: +996 (312) 90 90 60

    • Package of foundation documents – for legal entities
    • Copy of certificate on registration of private entrepreneur in statistic organs, in Social Fund or insurance policy, TIN card or patent – for private entrepreneurs
    • Copies of applicant’s passport, spouse/spouses of applicant, guarantor, spouse/spouses of guarantor
    • Copy of license (if applicable)
    • Financials with detailed explanations for/as of the last 3 years and for/as of the last reporting date – for legal entities
    • Confirmation letter on availability /absence of credits and statements from all servicing banks
    • Current agreements/contracts (copies)
    • Rent agreement (copy) or ownership documents for trade/production point
    • Confirmation on absence of debts from State Tax Inspection and Social Fund
    • Decision of the control body for getting a loan – for legal entities
    • Ownership documents for collateral items and confirmation on absence of arrest for property to be pledged
    • Documents on assessed value of collateral made by appraiser acceptable for the Bank
    • Other documents by the Bank’s request