Direct debit of “ Kyrgyz Telecom” JSC –an automatic monthly debiting of funds for communication services from your settlement account in DemirBank

Payment is made by the Bank in the 14th of each month.

The service is free, subscription fee for using the service and payment fees are not charged.

Type of services:
  • Telephony
  • Internet
  • Internet Jet and/or “TV Zor”- interactive television
  • “Kyrgyz Telecom” JSC card replenishment
  1. “Kyrgyz Telecom” JSC sends to DemirBank the invoice specifying the amount of your debt on monthly basis.
  2. In case of availability of funds on your current account, DemirBank writes off the amount of your debt and credited on to the account of “Kyrgyz Telecom”JSC.

For connection to this service you have to apply to DemirBank and sign an appropriate document.