Credit cards

The most popular international credit card Visa, that provides the holder with the optimum combination of cost and range of provided services. The card is intended for payments due to credit limit fixed by the Bank.

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Debit cards

International debit cards Visa Electron PayWave are perfect for those who encounters with payment cards for the first time. This is the most available cards with an optimal set of banking services. Due to the special technology the payment at the merchants is possible in a contactless manner. The universality of the Visa Electron PayWave is not only working in a contactless manner, but also the possibility of transactions in the normal contact mode.

 The Visa Electron card is issued for a period of 3 years.

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Visa Business

Corporate Visa Business card – is the credit card issued specifically for Companies for a further effective way of cost management.

Visa Business card makes the process of payment of travel, hospitality and business costs easy, fast, profitable and safe to our Customers.

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Virtual credit cards

Virtual credit card is created to ensure security during online purchases by credit cards holders of DemirBank .

You create VC YOURSELF through online DemirBank INTERNET BANKING. VC has no material carrier, i.e the bank does not issue the physical card. This function eliminates the risk of theft of the card)

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National card Elcard

Payment card Elcard - payment card is a card of national payment system of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Elcard card is intended for non-cash payments, receive salary payments, pensions, benefits at ATMs on the territory of the KR.

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