At January 28, 2016, DemirBank launched the 3D Secure technology with the purpose of safe payments for online shopping for the DemirBank holders of Visa debit and credit cards. The 3D Secure technology is automatically connected to all holders of payment cards such as: Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum и Visa Business. The connection to 3D Secure technology is FREE OF CHARGE!

All cards of DemirBank are connected to the 3D-Secure for the purpose of safe internet payments. During online card operations on websites with 3D-Secure technology the card holder has an option to confirm each transaction by the unique password that ensures the maximum safe. The Bank sends the password in the form of SMS to the cellphone of cardholder the number of which is registered in the Bank. 

Please be aware:

  • Access to make payments for goods / services on the Internet is open by default *.

(*) to close access to internet payments for goods/services, please, apply to the Bank and sign an application or write an e-mail to: In response to your enquiry the Bank will send the application form on opening access. 

IMPORTANT! You should register both details of your e-mail and cellphone number in DemirBank’s database. 

  1. The holder of the card makes an order of the good/service through the website, supporting 3D-Secure technology and enters the card details requested by online shop.
  2. After entering all required card details, the website proposes to enter one-time password to confirm the transaction. DemirBank automatically send this password via SMS notification to the cellphone registered in the Bank’s database. The Bank sends the password at the moment of the online transaction after entering the card details and can be used only once.
  3. Enter the given password to the special field and confirm the payment. Debiting your credit card and purchasing payment will be made only in case of entering the correct password. In case of non-receipt of SMS within 3 minutes, it is possible to request a new password by clicking the appropriate link «Send a password again». The maximum number of new password requests - 2 times. At three times of incorrect input the one-time password, the purchase transaction will be refused. To unlock your card, please, contact with 24/7 DemirBank Client support service: 996 (312) 610 610, 610 613, 2222.

IMPORTANT! The ability to use 3-D Secure technology is available only if the Bank has your valid cellphone number served by the local operator (Beeline, Megacom, O!). You should inform DemirBank about the changes of your cellphone number on time submitting the application in the written form to  any branch of DemirBank.

The hallmark of  purchase using 3D Secure technology is a logotype « Verified by Visa» on the website of the online shop.

  • Taking into account the increasing cases of fraud with payment cards, we strongly advise you to follow the following instructions during usage of VISA payment cards:
  • After the receipt of a new payment card, please, sign on its reverse side, in a space reserved for the signature.
  • You must immediately notify the Bank calling the 24/7 Customer Support Center, and block the card in case of loss/theft, card compromise and receiving an SMS message about unauthorized transaction on your card.
  • Do not pass card/its PIN-code and do not disclose the card/security code number (CVV2 - a three-digit code on the reverse side of the card) to other individuals. Do not write the PIN-code on your card and do not keep it with your card. You should keep the PIN-code in your mind.
  • Remember, in the case of disclosure the PIN-code, personal data, loss/theft of card payment there is a risk of unauthorized withdrawals from your bank account by third parties.
  • Take into account that the Bank's employees will never ask your PIN-code/security code (CVV2) by phone/e-mail/SMS
  • At least once a month, check the flow of funds on the account by Internet Banking system.
  • The particular attention should be paid to the account transaction after overseas trips in which you use the card.
  • Update your contact details due to the availability of Bank to contact you by phone/e-mail/SMS, for example, in the case of a suspicious transaction on your card.
  • In order to prevent illegal transactions on withdrawal of money from the bank account, we recommend to use your virtual card for making purchases online. VC is created only in case of presence of the credit card. It is important to know that the credit card limit is equal to the limit of VC.
  • Please, check the safety online shop during online transactions. Use only the services of sertified websites and make purchases only from your own personal computer, rather than at the internet cafe, where the spywares can be installed.
  • We recommend you to make payments on the websites supporting 3D security technology  to ensure the safe online transactions.
  • Make transaction in ATMs installed in safe places.
  • In the situation if there are outsiders next to ATM you should choose a more appropriate time to use ATM or use another one.
  • Before using an ATM, check it for any additional devices that do not meet its construction and located on-site of PIN-code inputting or on-site (slot) for receiving a card (for example, the presence of the irregular set near PIN-code dial pad). In this case, please refrain from using this ATM.
  • Input the PIN-code in such way that people, who are in close proximity could not see it. During the input of the PIN-code, cover the keyboard by hand.
  • Please note that if you make a mistake for 3 times during entering the PIN-code, the card will be blocked by the Bank. To unlock, please contact the 24/7 DemirBank Client support service :+996 (312) 610 610, 610 613, 2222 or send a message to:

Important, your email and cellphone details must be registered in the Bank's database.

  • Do not use payment cards in trade and service enterprises that are not credible.
  • Ask for card payments made only in your presence. It is necessary for reducing the risk of illegal acquisition of your personal data indicated in card.
  • If you use a payment card to pay for goods and services, the teller may ask the cardholder to sign the check and enter the PIN-code. Before entering the PIN-code make sure that the people in close proximity will not be able to see it. Before signing, please, verify the amount written in the check.
  1. Check the expiration date of your credit card
  2. Check the currency of your main account on the card
  3. Make sure that you remember your PIN-code well
  4. Use your card at home before you go abroad
  5. Check the balance on the current account (debit card), available credit card limit, in order to know exactly which amount you can expect. In case of necessity replenish your account in advance.
  6. Familiarize with the daily limit of monitory funds expenditures here.*
  7. If you have changed your cellphone number, please, contact the nearest branch of the bank to make changes in your personal data for sure.
  8. If you are planning to visit one of the countries with a high level of risk, you need to apply to the bank with a written application to open access to the cashing of your card. 
    The list of countries with a high level of risk:
    For the cards of VISA International payment system: Indonesia
    For the cards of Mastercard International payment system: Indonesia 

** In case of necessity to increase the daily limit, apply to the Bank with a written application/call 24/7 Client support service: +996 (312) 610 610, 610 613, 2222/ send an email to:

Important, your email and cellphone details must be registered in the Bank's database.