DemirBank – has launched the mortgage loan activity within the State mortgage!

DemirBank-the First international bank in Kyrgyzstan – in partnership with the «State mortgage company» OJSC starts the state employees loan on mortgage issuance .At August 12, 2016, in Ministry of Economy and Development of the Kyrgyz Republic was signed the Cooperation agreement between DemirBank and the «State mortgage company» OJSC.

Within the framework of the «Affordable housing 2015-2020»state program the housing loan will be provided for 10 years, from 6% up to 8% free of additional charge. The loan is provided in national currency up to 3 000 000 KGS and set in accordance with the requirements of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic regulations and the Bank's Policies and Procedures.

«We know the affordable housing importance to the KR citizens and are ready to provide all possible assistance for the implementation of the «Affordable housing 2015-2020» state program of KR.DemirBank on a regular basis providing support to the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and this Agreement is a strategically important step to the Bank and meets its mission -to be focused on the needs and requirements of our customer and partners", - says L. Sevki Sarilar, the General Manager of DemirBank .

To participate in the program the borrowers are required to be in the program list of participants, that is sent to DemirBank by the State mortgage company.

The Agreement is valid within «Affordable housing 2015-2020» state program, the purpose of which the creation of conditions for improving the housing availability in the Kyrgyz Republic by implementing measures on affordable housing construction in all regions of the country; an affordable mortgage mechanisms provision for house-buying; the country’ banking system involvement into affordable mortgage program with its refinancing mechanism.

With DemirBank the loan on mortgage becomes more affordorable!

Loan amount From 350 000 up to 3 000 000 KGS
Loan currency KGS
Loan term up to 120 months
Annual interest rates If own funds of borrower:
8% from 10% up to 20%
7% from 20% up to 30%
6% from 30% and over
Up-front fee for loan arrangement Not applicable
COLLATERAL Residential immovable property to be purchased under loan
and 1 individual guaranty, applicable for the Bank. According to decision of
the Related Approving Entity the Bank may request additional
individual guaranty, applicable for the Bank
Penalty for earlier repayment Not applicable
Own funds min. 30% from amount of
purchased property

* Annual effective interest rate - from 6%

The program is temporarily suspended

We understand the importance of affordable housing for Kyrgyz citizens and ready to assistance together with the State Mortgage Company"

In case of any questions you may contact DemirBank Contact-center:
+996 (312) 90 90 60 – Bank specialists will inform you about necessary information;