The rights of a borrower

The bank borrower has the following rights:

  • Refuse to loan receiving on free basis since signing of Loan contract till receiving money;
  • Receive the contract draft with all inclusive documents for acquaintance. The time for acquaintance is not less than one calendar day and no more than three days since the moment of contract signing;
  • Apply to the Bank in future with a request on prolongation or restructurisation of the loan. However the Bank can deny a Borrower;
  • Receive the complete information and explanation about all conditions and costs of the loan, payments and the procedure for calculating the loan details (rates, fines and penalties);
  • Make an early repayment according to conditions, specified in the Loan Agreement;
  • In case if 50% of the principal amount of the loan is repaid you should apply to the Bank with the request of collateral replacement which cost is at least twice more than the remaining amount of debt on the loan (at the Bank's discretion).