Commercial acquiring - a way of money funds receiving from customers by paying for goods / services by bank cards

Bank cards are becoming the widespread form of payment for goods and services and increasingly replace the cash. Demir Bank is the acquiring bank with many years of experience on the acquiring services market with own processing center and team of specialists.

In 2016 was the presentation of new product of international payment system Visa called РayWave . This technology allows you to quickly, conveniently and securely pay for goods in all trade and service enterprises equipped with POS-terminals supporting contactless payments function. To holders of Visa payWave card for payment will be enough to bring card to screen of such POS-terminal. Visa РayWave  - is minimum of movement and maximum comfort.

Cooperation with Demir Bank will provide potential for growth of your business!

The advantages of using POS-terminals in sales offices

Increase the number of customers and turnover of your company by:
  • attraction of new customers - banking card holders
  • increase the average purchase amount
  • customers are not limited to the available amount of cash
  • cardholders easily solved on unplanned purchases.
Safety and convenience of payments:
  • you do not need to worry about counterfeit banknotes and scams
  • less cash in cash department
  • work with the cards is much easier and more convenient
  • less the checkout line because the cashier does not lose time 
  • reduction of costs for cash collection 
  • reducing the number of cash transactions
  1. The company fills the application form and sign the agreement for acquiring with bank.
  2. DemirBank will install equipment for card acceptance and spends training for staff regarding the rules of payment (free of charge).
  3. The buyer gives card for payment.
  4. Execution of the operation (no more than one minute).
  5. Transfer of money to the company account minus bank’s commission for settlements.

DemirBank also proposes joint partnership programs for cardholders.