The option of Internet-Banking in the “Full Mode” provides you the opportunity to carry out the necessary operations on the account via the Internet, anywhere in the world, namely:

  • check the balance and account activities in real-time mode
  • print out the history of cash flows
  • create an archive and safe the payment order/Bank statements in it
  • calculate the profitable credit payment using a loan calculator.
  • obtain an information on Bank’s exchange rates and the official exchange rates of the National Bank on the required date
  • subscribe for electronic mailing of account statement/s.

Main advantages:

  • Payment of more than 170 types of fees (for mobile service, utilities, Internet and many other things)
  • Currency-exchange transactions (within the limits set by the Bank)
  • Repayment of the credit card debt 
  • Book to book transfers to your own accounts and third party accounts in DemirBank
  • Transfers in the national currency via clearing and gross systems of payments to third party accounts in other commercial banks (you also have the opportunity to create payment orders with future value date).
  • Opening/closing of “Standard” time deposit at any time, the information about the Bank's interest rates on time deposit.
  • Tax of payments via Internet-Banking
  • Creation of  Virtual credit card.

E-token- keychain ensures additional security, generating one of the access passwords to the system each time again (paid once when you connect to INTERNET BANKING) – you can connect by the application to the Bank.


One-time SMS password  (OTP) – the new 4-th decree security level to enter the Internet-Banking. OTP is generated automatically at the time of entering the Internet Banking you receive SMS message with a 6 digit code to your cellphone number registered in the Bank. 
Now you do not need to change the access passwords to the Internet Banking upon the system request!
From October 1, 2015 the access to the Internet-Banking in “Full mode” is not available without the use of one-time SMS password or password of E-token.