Open the “Deposit Card+” and get international VISA credit card as a PRESENT!

To open a deposit you should fill the relevant documents for opening deposit and credit card issuing. “Deposit Card+” is collateral for credit card.

  • The possibility of getting DISCOUNTS and BONUSES by credit card
  • International credit card Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum- AS A GIFT (the type of card is determined according to the deposit amount).
  • The DEPOSIT YOU OPEN is COLLATERAL for credit card..
Interest rates 11.5% for 37 months
Deposit term for 37 months
Deposit currency
Deposit minimal amount KGS 5 000
Deposit Replenishment
not applicable
Payment of interests
at the end of maturity date
Interest capitalization not applicable
Partial withdrawal
not applicable
  • Annual card maintenance fee for the first, second and third years is free of charge;
  • The limit for the credit card is calculated in the following way: deposit amount minus 10%;
  • If calculated credit card limit is less than KGS 60 000, the customer receives a “Card Plus Classic” credit card;
  • If calculated credit card limit is from KGS 60 000 and up to KGS 500 000, the customer receives “Card Plus Gold” credit card;
  • If calculated credit card limit is from KGS 500 000 and above, customer receives “Card Plus Platinum” credit card;
  • The maximum credit limit on a credit card is KGS 1 000 000;
  • At the close the deposit to credit card will be applied the General Conditions and tariffs of the Bank.