DemirBank jointly with Kyrgyz Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (KyrSEFF), developed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, opens new financial possibilities for energy efficient projects realization.

Advantages of the loan "Profitable" in DemirBank

  • purchase of modern equipment
  • quality improvement
  • increase in profitability

Grants in the amount from 10% to 15% of the loan amount, depending on the type and scope of the project.


Identification of opportunities and implementation of integrated solutions for the optimization of energy consumption.

Loan amount up to 300 000 USD (equivalent in national currency)
% rate for loans in KGS from 19% per annum* (*Effective interest rate from 22,4%)
% rate for loans in USD from 12% per annum* (*Effective interest rate from 14,07%)
Grant amount up to 15% of the loan amount

Purpose: purchase and installation of pre-approved equipment (the list can be found on the website

  • heating boilers;
  • air conditioners;
  • windows, doors, heat insulation;
  • compressors;
  • infrared gas heaters;
  • solar water heaters.
Loan amount up to 1 000 000 USD (equivalent in national currency)
% rate for loans in KGS up to 17% per annum* (*Effective interest rate from 19,96%)
% rate for loans in USD up to 10% per annum* (*Effective interest rate from 11,79%)
Grant amount up to 15% of the loan amount

Purpose: investment in equipment and technology that improve the energy indicators:

  • replacement or modernization of equipment for energy-intensive technological processes;
  • replacement of air compressors;
  • boiler replacement
  • replacement of motors and pumps;
  • installing of actuators with variable speed;
  • reconstruction of the steam distribution system;
  • electricity distribution system modernization
  • implementation of energy saving measures in the buildings.

Also: investments related to renewable energy sources - purchase and installation of equipment, systems and technologies using renewable energy sources:

  • Small hydropower plants;
  • Solar water heaters;
  • Biomass combustion system;
  • Wind turbines;
  • Biogas motors;
  • Geothermal heat pumps.

Investment projects - investments in energy-efficient solutions

Requirements to borrower:

  1. presence of business (not less than 3 months);
  2. registration in accordance with the legislation of Kyrgyz Republic;
  3. Business location is in the region where bank presence;
  4. presence of project corresponding to energy efficiency criteria.
List of required documents:

Besides the standard package of documents for the loan and a grant before delivery / installation of approved equipment is necessary to provide appropriate documentation with an indication of prices and technical specifications of works on the letterhead of approved supplier.

The loan is granted only for the purchase and installation of equipment approved by program KyrSEFF. The list of pre-approved equipment can be found on the website ( If equipment selected by you is not listed, the issue of its purchase under the program can be considered be the team of KyrSEFF programm.

If you have questions you can refer to specialists at the Bank's branches.