Long-term loans up to 5 years is available as an investment loan. An investment loan can be provided for the purchase of equipment, real estate, transport, construction, reconstruction, refinancing of enterprise loans.
Forms of financing:
- one-time loan - a classic form of loan with a payment schedule;
- non-revolving credit line - tranche loans with the possibility of one-time use of the limit and repayment of several tranches within the established terms and amounts.

For Legal Entities and Private Entrepreneurs - from 100 000 KGS
- from 1 500 USD
% rate for loans in KGS frоm 18% per annum*
*Effective interest rate from 18,3%
% rate for loans in USD from 14% per annum*
*Effective interest rate from 13,4%
For Corporate customers - up to 450 000 000 KGS
- up to 6 500 000 USD
% rate for loans in KGS frоm 18% per annum*
*Effective interest rate from 18,7%
% rate for loans in USD from 13% per annum*
*Effective interest rate from 13,4%
Note: For a more accurate calculation of the effective interest rate, contact a bank specialist.
Term from 3 to 60 months            
Grace period up to 12 months
Repayment conditions - annuity- principal amount and interest are paid monthly by equal parts 
- flexible schedule for principal amount depending on business
Collateral - real estate
- movable property (vehicles, equipment, goods in turnover)
- suretyship / guarantee
Insurance of collateral required depending on type of collateral

If you have questions you can refer to specialists at the DemirBank Contact-center: +996 (312) 90 90 60

  • Package of foundation documents – for legal entities
  • Copy of certificate on registration of private entrepreneur in statistic organs, in Social Fund or insurance policy, TIN card or patent – for private entrepreneurs
  • Copies of applicant’s passport, spouse/spouses of applicant, guarantor, spouse/spouses of guarantor
  • Copy of license (if applicable)
  • Financials with detailed explanations for/as of the last 3 years and for/as of the last reporting date – for legal entities
  • Confirmation letter on availability /absence of credits and statements from all servicing banks
  • Current agreements/contracts (copies)
  • Rent agreement (copy) or ownership documents for trade/production point
  • Confirmation on absence of debts from State Tax Inspection and Social Fund
  • Decision of the control body for getting a loan – for legal entities
  • Ownership documents for collateral items and confirmation on absence of arrest for property to be pledged
  • Documents on assessed value of collateral made by appraiser acceptable for the Bank
  • Other documents by the Bank’s request